Global Leaders Challenge

Global Leaders Challenge



To celebrate the International Day of Sign Languages 2020, the WFD is launching a Global Leaders Challenge! This challenge aims to promote the use of sign languages by local, national, and global leaders in partnership with national associations of deaf people in each country, as well as other deaf-led organisations.

Your country leaders – might they be government officials, members of parliament, members of city council – should sign in your national sign language:

“[name of your national sign language] is for Everyone! ”

For example:

  • “Ghanan Sign Language is for Everyone!”,
  • “La Langue des Signes Belge Francophone est pour tous”,
  • and so on.

In addition your country leader should challenge other leaders to take over the challenge! For example, your Prime Minister could challenge its Minister of Education or Minister of Culture to do the same video. Alternatively, your country leader could also challenge a leader from another country. However, we encourage several leaders within the same country to undertake the challenge. 

The Global Leader Challenge is a unique opportunity for national associations of deaf people to establish and maintain sustainable collaborations with their political leaders through the use of their national sign languages.

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