Article 7 | Aims

7.1. In accordance with the principles and objectives of the United Nations (UN) Charter, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights including the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) and other general acts and recommendations of the UN and its specialised agencies, WFD shall develop its activities towards the goal of equalisation of opportunities and full participation in society by deaf individuals in every country.

7.2. Accordingly, the WFD works towards the global achievement of human rights for all deaf people. These aims include:

7.3. To advocate for full access to society, including education in sign language, by which deaf people can enjoy the same equality and human rights of that of all other peoples,

7.4. To promote the establishment of local, national and regional organisations of deaf people and to guide and support activities of all its members,

7.5. To ensure that deaf people in every country have the right to promote and preserve their own sign languages and receive support for the advancement of their cultural and linguistic identities.