Article 23 | The Board

23.1. The General Assembly shall elect two officers (President and Vice President) and up to nine (9) and no less than five (5) members at-large. No two board members shall be from the same country.

23.2. Ordinary Members may make nominations for office in the Board. Ordinary Members should be prepared to commit travel and maintenance support to enable such elected board members to participate in meetings of the Board and its standing committees. If funds are available, WFD will provide such support to Board members, with priority given to those from developing countries.

23.3. In the election of Board Members, the General Assembly shall follow the United Nations (UN) principles of gender equality and adequate regional parts in the world shall be taken into consideration.

23.4. The President shall open the meetings of the General Assembly and presides over the Board meetings.

23.5. The Vice President shall open meetings of the General Assembly and the Board whenever the President is unable to attend.

23.6. The Board Members shall serve for the good of WFD. Members of the Board are elected for a four-year term, and may be re-elected.

23.7. The Board Members shall perform various duties as assigned by the Board.

23.8. At all other international conferences, the President, Vice President and Board Members shall be official representatives of WFD only, understanding that they are not also representing other organisations. The Board may also appoint another person to represent WFD at international or national meetings.