6th WFDYS Junior Camp Update and WFDYS Board composition

6th WFDYS Junior Camp Update

The 6th WFDYS Junior Camp is being hosted by Deaf Youth Australia. The camp organising committee has thrown their wonderful efforts into preparation for the upcoming camp and ensuring the camp is a success. Twenty-six countries around the world will be flying to Down Under and meet each other. We, WFDYS Board members, are excited to meet the participants and leaders to mingle, form new, lasting friendships and support and learn from each other. We are also ready for our productive 31st board meeting in Melbourne, Australia.  See you all there!

WFDYS Board Members

Late Benjamin Bekoe’s WFDYS position

Saturday 10th September 2016 was a dark day for the WFDYS Board as a tragedy struck when Benjamin Kwadwo Bekoe was undeservedly taken from us. The WFDYS and WFD Board would like to express our deepest condolences to his wife Gloria Bekoe, his family and his friends on his passing. We wish to respect the mark of an impact that Benjamin made, by leaving his position vacant. Hence, WFDYS will not seek replacement for Benjamin’s position in the WFDYS Board. We only wish to do so, in order, to honour Benjamin’s memory by sealing the post of Benjamin’s on the WFDYS Board. However, we feel honoured by the overwhelming number of potential candidates who have approached us. We, WFDYS Board, would like to encourage these young candidates to travel to Paris, France in 2019, to attend the 7th WFDYS Youth General Assembly, where elections for the positions of the WFDYS Board will be held.