A registered national association of the Deaf, with legal status, that has an established position in its respective country with a clear majority of Deaf voting members and Board members with goals similar to the aims of World Federation of the Deaf, can be approved as an ordinary member. The Board of World Federation of the Deaf must approve Ordinary Membership status.

Ordinary Membership is limited to, at least, one national organisation in each country.

The OMs are responsible for payment of membership fees as determined by the Board.

The OMs, upon payment of their annual membership fees, are entitled to full participatory and voting rights at meetings of World Federation of the Deaf.

World Federation of the Deaf will endeavour to give the ordinary members all possible support as each ordinary member is entitled to receive advice and documents when seeking rights, benefits and solutions.

For Ordinary Membership application, please contact WFD Secretariat: memberships@wfdeaf.org