World Federation of the Deaf’s membership consists of the following categories:

Ordinary Membership  (OM)

National association of the deaf that are legally registered and recognized as an organization with their governments in their respective countries can join the WFD as an ordinary member.  Organizations must have a clear legal establishment and a majority of deaf voting members and board members. And organizations shall have goals that support the the World Federation of the Deaf mission.

Ordinary Membership is limited to, at least, one national organisation in each country.

Associate Membership (AM)

National or regional organisation that have a legal establishment with deaf people in their respective countries, can apply for Associate Membership.  The association applying for associate membership must submit a letter in support of their application from the WFD OM in their country.  If there are no OM in the country, the applying organization may be granted an interim Associate Membership.

Associate Members are expected to support the aims of World Federation of the Deaf .

Individual Membership (IM)

Individuals who wish to support World Federation of the Deaf and its activities may join as Individual Members upon payment of a fee.  Such members are entitled to information from World Federation of the Deaf and other membership privileges as determined by the Board, but shall have no voting privileges.

Click on this website for membership application. OrdinaryAssociate and Individual Members,

Honorary Members (HM)

The WFD has a honorary membership that is conferred upon persons who have served with distinction and dedication to international issues on the Board of World Federation of the Deaf, its committees, experts or having contributed to the benefit of WFD.   Such persons are nominated to the WFD board and then are elected during the WFD General Assembly.

There are three WFD  Honorary Presidents, Dr. Yerker Andersson, Dr. Liisa Kauppinen and Mr. Markku Jokinen, all of whom are past WFD Presidents. They were granted the honorary membership at the XVIII General Assembly in Durban, South Africa in 2011.    However, the amendments made by the General Assembly to the WFD Statutes deleted the membership category of Honorary Presidents and therefore the current statutes only mention Honorary Members. Thus the troika of past presidents will most likely remain the only Honorary Presidents of the WFD in the future.

Youth Ordinary Membership (YOM)

Any national organisation of deaf with youths ages between 18 to 30  may encourage their young members to start a national WFDYS in their organization and join the WFDYS as Youth Ordinary Member.  Establishment must be supported by its the country OM and with whose goals are similar to the WFD.  Youth Ordinary Members can participate in WFDYS activities, events and meetings.   WFDYS Youth Ordinary members have no voting rights in any of the meetings of World Federation of the Deaf.   The WFDYS Youth Ordinary members are responsible for payment of an annual membership fee as determined by the WFD Board.

Youth Ordinary Membership application can be obtained from the WFD Youth Section.

 Individual Youth Membership (IYM)

The WFDYS also offers individual membership to persons who wish to support the WFDYS.   Please click on World Federation of the Deaf Youth Section for more information: