WFD Secretariat

There are four (4) full time salaried staff members in the WFD Headquarters Office in Helsinki, Finland who are assisting the WFD administration and carrying on the functions of the WFD office, Ms Meri Hyrske-Fischer, Ms Phillipa Sandholm, Ms Eeva Tupi and Ms Nafisah Rantasalmi.

Dr. Liisa Kauppinen, WFD Honorary President, and Dr. Knud Sondergaard, WFD Finances Officer work with the WFD staff on a voluntary basis.

Number of Staff in the WFD Secretariat:

Ms Meri Hyrske-Fischer, Team Leader
Ms Nafisah Rantasalmi, Development Officer
Ms Phillipa Sandholm, Administrative Secretary
Ms Eeva Tupi, Human Rights Officer
Dr Knud Søndergaard, Finances Officer (volunteer)
Dr Liisa Kauppinen, (volunteer)

WFD Honorary President, Liisa KauppinenMeri Hyrske-Fischer
Team Leader
WFD Staff, Phillipa SandholmMs. Phillipa Sandholm
Administrative Secretary
WFD Honorary President, Liisa KauppinenEeva Tupi
WFD Human Rights Officer
WFD Honorary President, Liisa KauppinenMs Nafisah Rantasalmi Development Officer
WFD Honorary President, Liisa KauppinenDr. Liisa Kauppinen
WFD Coordinator (volunteer)
Dr. Knud Søndergaard
Finances Officer (volunteer)