Bidding for hosting the WFD Conference in 2021 and WFD Congress in 2023

This is to inform about the WFD Congress in 2023 and the WFD Conference in 2021.

The WFD Secretariat has sent the bid documents to WFD Ordinary Members encouraging those who would be interested to bid for the 4th WFD Conference in 2021 and the XIX WFD Congress in 2023. Each of the bid have their own guidelines that must be followed.

Your country member is encouraged to consider hosting the WFD conference in 2021 or the WFD Congress in 2023.

If your association needs to know more about the bids, please contact the WFD Secretariat, as they have the guidelines submitting bids for the WFD Conference in 2021 and the WFD Congress in 2023.

It is important to follow the deadline for submitting the bids. The deadline for sending the bids to reach the WFD Secretariat is 20 January 2019.

The WFD hopes to receive several bids. Hosting WFD Conference or WFD Congress is an important channel to support Deaf Community, human rights and promote sign language rights for all around the world.