Beware of fake WFD email


Thursday, 1 Aug 2018

Beware: Fake WFD Email

The World Federation of the Deaf (WFD) would like to alert everyone of a fake/phishing email sent from a forged/spoofed email address impersonating the WFD. Phishing emails try to entice you in disclosing personal information, such as your username, password or bank account details.

Please note that the WFD has no connection to the above email involved. We are currently looking into this matter and urge everyone to be alert.

How can you protect yourself from this?

  1. Always check that the email comes from a WFD address. WFD Secretariat emails are sent from an email address.
  2. Always verify the details of the messages from the WFD if you are unsure. Check that the message reflects your intended actions and do not proceed or authorise suspicious transactions.

If you receive any suspicious emails, please alert us immediately at and do not open any attachments nor reply.

Colin Allen AM
World Federation of the Deaf