1st International Day of Sign Languages ended with success. Are you ready for next year?


Dear Friends,

The 1st International Day of Sign Languages was a success. From the bottom of our hearts, thank YOU for YOUR undying support towards the #IWDeaf2018 and #IDSL2018 campaign. We are heartened to see so many of you advocating for full inclusion through sign language in your local countries.

Decision-makers need to be constantly informed, educated, reminded and monitored in order for them to effectively include deaf people and sign languages. This is why the WFD is committed to ensure that each year all of you can have an International Day of Sign Languages that creates impactful and meaningful change.

To ensure another successful #IDSL2019 and #IWDeaf2019, in addition to WFD’s continuous human rights advocacy work, please support us by making a donation via https://wfdeaf.org/donate/
We are now busy preparing for next year theme, visuals and campaign materials.

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