Article 10 | Membership Categories

10.1. World Federation of the Deaf shall have the following membership categories: a) Ordinary Members (OMs) b) Associate Members (AMs) c) International Members (INTMs) d) Honorary Members (HMs) e) Individual Members (IMs) f) Youth Ordinary Members (YOMs) g) Individual Youth Members (IYMs) … [Read more...]

Article 9 | Support for the Activities

9.1. For its activities the WFD can raise funds by collecting membership fees from the various groups of members. 9.2. WFD can establish funds, receive donations, legacies and organise fund-raising campaigns. 9.3. The activities of the WFD may not mainly consist of business activities. … [Read more...]

Article 7 | Aims

7.1. In accordance with the principles and objectives of the United Nations (UN) Charter, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights including the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) and other general acts and recommendations of the UN and its specialised agencies, WFD shall develop its activities towards the goal of equalisation of opportunities and full participation in society by deaf individuals in every country. 7.2. Accordingly, the WFD works towards the global … [Read more...]

Article 6 | Languages

6.1. International Sign shall be used at all WFD meetings. 6.2. English shall be used in the minutes, correspondence and printed materials. 6.3. The registration language of the organisation is Finnish. … [Read more...]

Article 5 | Flag

5.1. The flag of the organisation is white with the WFD symbol at its centre. On the upper left corner are the letters FMS and at the lower right corner WFD (initials in French and English, respectively). The logo consists of three (3) small blue interlaced circles on a white background, surrounded by three (3) large blue concentric circles and five (5) pentacles (red, yellow, green, blue, and black) evenly spaced arranged on the second large concentric circle. Two blue laurels surround the … [Read more...]

Article 4 | Relationships

4.1. WFD shall develop and maintain official relations with the United Nations and its specialised agencies and organisations. WFD shall also cooperate with other international organisations promoting the interests of deaf people and international organisations representing people with disabilities. … [Read more...]

Article 3 | Status

3.1. WFD is an international non-governmental, non-profit organisation and does not discriminate against any organisation or individual on the basis of abilities, disabilities, gender, age, race or religion. … [Read more...]

Article 2 | Location

2.1. The organisation’s legal seat is located in Helsinki, Finland. Its area of operations are international in scope. … [Read more...]

Article 1 | Name

1.1. The official name is World Federation of the Deaf (registered association) hereafter referred to as WFD. … [Read more...]

Article 8 | Activities

8.1. WFD pursues its objectives by guiding and supporting the activities of its members, supporting the establishment of new organisations when necessary: a) taking initiatives and making proposals in order to improve the status of deaf people and making statements on issues concerning deaf people; b) promoting the status of Sign Language on the basis of the constitutions in the respective countries of its members; c) promoting cultural activities of deaf people and accessibility to … [Read more...]