Article 25 | Minutes of Board Meetings

25.1. The minutes of Board meetings shall be drafted and sent to the Board Members within one (1) month after a meeting. Within thirty (30) days the Board Members shall share their reactions with the Secretariat. The minutes then shall be approved at the following Board meeting. … [Read more...]

Article 24 | Vacancies and Replacement of Board Members

24.1. Should the President die, retire or become incapacitated, the Vice President will take over the function as President until the next president is elected at the General Assembly and at the next meeting the Board appoint a Vice President from among the members at large. 24.2. Should the Vice President die, retire or become incapacitated the Board at its next meeting appoint a Vice President from among the members at large. 24.3. Should a vacancy, apart from the President or Vice … [Read more...]

Article 23 | The Board

23.1. The General Assembly shall elect two officers (President and Vice President) and up to nine (9) and no less than five (5) members at-large. No two board members shall be from the same country. 23.2. Ordinary Members may make nominations for office in the Board. Ordinary Members should be prepared to commit travel and maintenance support to enable such elected board members to participate in meetings of the Board and its standing committees. If funds are available, WFD will provide … [Read more...]

Article 22 | Extraordinary Meetings

22.1. An extraordinary meeting of WFD must be organised when WFD’s meeting so decides, or when the Board considers justified, or when at least one tenth of the Ordinary Members entitled to vote so demands for the handling of a matter notified by them. 22.2. A final agenda with attached reports shall be sent to all Ordinary Members at least one (1) month in advance. … [Read more...]

Article 21 | Voting at the General Assembly

21.1. Only fully-paid and current Ordinary Members are entitled to one (1) vote each at the General Assembly. 21.2. Voting may be by roll call, by show of hands, or, if requested by at least one (1) delegate, by secret ballot. 21.3. All questions except proposals for amendments in the Statutes or for the dissolution of WFD may be decided by a simple majority vote of the valid votes cast. Amendments to the Statutes require two-third majority of the valid votes cast. 21.4. In the … [Read more...]

Article 20 | Functions of the General Assembly

20.1. The General Assembly shall have the following functions: a) to decide on submitted reports by the Board on activities of WFD; b) to review and adopt submitted audited financial reports and to discharge the Board and auditors from liability for the accounts; c) to consider expulsion of Ordinary Members who have failed to pay regular membership fees for more than four years and/or without any valid reason; d) to develop action plans for future activities; e) to review and … [Read more...]

Article 19 | Meetings of the General Assembly (GA)

19.1. The meeting of the General Assembly shall consist of delegates representing OMs. Each national organisation of the deaf whose membership fees are fully paid and current are allowed up to two (2) deaf delegates, preferably one male and one female, at meetings of the General Assembly. 19.2. The General Assembly shall be held every four years. The President and the Secretariat shall call the General Assembly at least twelve (12) months in advance. Their call shall be accompanied by a … [Read more...]

Article 18 | Executive Bodies

18.1. The executive bodies of the organisation are the meetings of the General Assembly, the Board and the Secretariat. 18.2. The decision-making power lies in the General Assembly. The executive body responsible to the General Assembly is the Board elected by the GA. The Secretariat is the administrative body. … [Read more...]

Article 17 | Individual Youth Members (IYMs)

17.1. Individuals within the age range 18 to 30 desiring to support WFDYS and its activities may join as Individual Members upon payment of an annual fee. 17.2. The Board of the WFD approves Individual Youth Membership. 17.3. Individual Youth Membership (IYM) status membership status remains until the member resigns or is expelled by the Board. 17.4. The Individual Youth Members may observe the General Assembly as observers with no signing and voting rights 17.5. The … [Read more...]

Article 16 | Youth Ordinary Members (YOMs)

16.1. Any national youth organisation of deaf persons within the age range from 18 to 30 with legal status may join the WFD as a Youth Ordinary Member provided that this organisation is approved by its Ordinary Member and whose goals are similar to the WFD aims. 16.2. The Board of the WFD approves Youth Ordinary Membership (YOM). 16.3. Youth Ordinary Membership (YOM) status remains until the member resigns or is expelled by the Board. 16.4. Youth Ordinary Members have no … [Read more...]