Article 53 | Miscellaneous

In all other respects the stipulations in the association law will be followed. … [Read more...]

Article 52 | Archives

Storage of archives, legal documents, and memorabilia of World Federation of the Deaf shall be maintained in the office of the Executive Team, or at any other place to be determined by the Board. … [Read more...]

Article 51 | Dissolution

Proposals regarding the dissolution of World Federation of the Deaf shall be submitted by two thirds of OMs at the Ordinary Meeting of the GA. Voting on such a proposal shall be taken at an ordinary or extraordinary Meeting of the GA. Approval for dissolution shall require a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote. In the event of dissolution, World Federation of the Deaf shall transfer all its funds and other assets to another registered organisation with the aims similar to World Federation of the … [Read more...]

Article 50 | Enforcement

These Statutes, including any and all amendments, shall take effect upon entering thereof into the register of associations by the National Board of Patents and Registrations of Finland, in terms of Finnish Association Act, No 503 of 26 May 1989. … [Read more...]

Article 49 | Amendment enforcement and dissolution

Statutes can be amended only at the ordinary GA. Any proposal for amendments to the Statutes must be submitted to the Board at least six (6) months before the Ordinary Meeting of the GA. After a careful review by the Board, the Executive Director shall report all proposed amendments along with the Board's recommendations to the OMs at least three (3) months before the Ordinary Meeting of the GA. A two-thirds (2/3) majority vote is required by the GA for approval of proposed amendments. … [Read more...]

Article 48 | Accounting period

The accounting period of World Federation of the Deaf covers each calendar year from 1 January to 31 December. The accounts must be balanced during February in order for the auditors’ report to be given before 15 March. … [Read more...]

Article 47 | Signing the name of the organisation

The name of the organisation is signed by the President, the Vice-President or the Executive Director, any two of them together. The Board can also name two persons either of whom can sign the name of the organisation together, with one of the above-mentioned three persons. … [Read more...]