Article 46 | Financial records and auditing

Ordinary GA shall appoint a certified public accountant as auditor and deputy auditor of World Federation of the Deaf. This auditor shall examine all financial records and accounts and prepare a report to be attached to the final agenda for meetings of the GA. The Executive Director shall, by the commission of the Board, ensure that all financial records are carefully maintained, following accepted accounting practices. The Executive Director shall regularly inform the Board of the financial … [Read more...]

Article 45 | Finances

Sources for financial funding of the organisation shall be: regular membership fees payable by ordinary, associate, trial associate, international and individual members; contributions, donations and government or foundation grants; revenues from the sale of publications, and other properties; percentage of registration fees from World Congresses, exact percentage to be determined by the Board according to the Internal Rules; and other revenues as mentioned in Article 7. Limits for … [Read more...]

Article 44 | International conferences

International conferences between World Congresses may be organised by an Ordinary, International, or Associate Member. Such bids shall be reviewed and voted upon by the Board provided the bids have been approved by the appropriate OM. … [Read more...]

Article 43 | World Congress of World Federation of the Deaf

The World Congress of World Federation of the Deaf shall follow a day after the GA and consist of meetings of scientific commissions, as well as other meetings. The World Congress shall be convened every four (4) years, and parallel with the GA. Only an OM may make a bid to host the World Congress of the organisation. Each bid shall be reviewed and voted upon by the GA. The OM hosting the Congress shall assume full responsibility for management of the Congress, following provisions outlined in … [Read more...]

Article 42 | Previous Memberships Achieved Remain

42.1. Memberships obtained prior the amendments to the statutes remain. … [Read more...]

Article 41 | Dispute Resolutions

41.1. Juridical disputes will be resolved according to Finnish Law. … [Read more...]

Article 40 | Unforeseen Cases

40.1. In cases and issues not foreseen in the Statutes, the Board has the right within its jurisdiction and as accorded to it in the Statutes and the law, to make decisions. Such decisions shall be ratified at the next General Assembly. … [Read more...]

Article 39 | Archives

39.1. Storage of archives, legal documents, and memorabilia shall be maintained at the current secretariat, or at any other place to be determined by the Board. … [Read more...]

Article 38 | Dissolution

38.1. A proposal regarding dissolution of the WFD shall be submitted by the Board or two thirds of the Ordinary Members. 38.2 Voting on such a proposal shall be taken at a General Assembly or an extraordinary meeting. Motions for dissolution must receive approval from three fourths (3/4) of Ordinary Members present. 38.3. In the event of dissolution, WFD shall transfer all its funds and other assets to another registered or government organisation with the aims similar to those of the WFD … [Read more...]

Article 37 | Enforcement

37.1. These Statutes, including any and all amendments, shall take effect upon entering thereof into the register of associations by the National Board of Patents and Registrations of Finland, in terms of Finnish Association Act, No 503 of 26 May 1989. … [Read more...]